Public Services, Municipal Government, and The Third Middlesex District

From her first day in office, Rep. Hogan has made it clear that her number one priority is the constituents in her district. Above all else, she strives to serve the needs of the Third Middlesex District and connect the people, towns, businesses, and organizations there with necessary state resources.


Rep. Hogan’s door has always been open to the needs of individual constituents. She has dedicated significant resources to make contact with constituents and assist those in need. During the pandemic, those needs ranged from sharing up-to-date information and responding to constituent calls and emails to advocating on behalf of constituents with state agencies to secure eligible benefits and resources.


Rep. Hogan is particularly attuned to the needs of seniors, veterans and those deemed most vulnerable. She was named co-chair of the Elder Caucus and, before joining the legislature, served on the Stow Council on Aging. She has also served as Chair of the Library Legislative Caucus. She regularly files bills and amendments to direct funding to local projects.


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Public Services, Municipal Government, and the Third Middlesex District